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Mass Effect - Peter Davison
Mass Effect - Peter Davison
27th November 2011
So yes, at long last, I have gotten my own homepage for all the different and strange art I may cough up and it is all thanks to David. <3
He's been a gem, putting this together while I've mostly been sitting and twidling my thumbs around, trying my best to help, but not really having a single clue as to what to do. X3 Only shows that I can use the internet, but not much else.

This page will be used for my many many different projects; stories, art and even comics as I get around to doing them. I will also try to promote some of my special projects: mostly literature and maybe even comissions eventually.

Time will tell. :D
Current Age: 27
Current Residence: Norway

Interests: Writing, drawing, singing (take cover), creative work, movies, gaming, comicbooks