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1. The Magician - Dorian Pavus
1. The Magician - Dorian Pavus
Shameless Self Promotion
29th January 2015
Time for some shameless self promotion here!

I am the lucky owner of an x-amount of blogs and channels and such and I always like interacting, talking and showing my ideas, thoughts and projects. :D

So I thought I would create a small list and urge you (or beg you) check it out. If you want, no pressure! My interests and projects are not for everything after all! :D

So I recently created a horror blog!
It’s just a simple blog where I review (or give my opinion) on different horror games, movies and books, deeming them scary or not. It’s still in it’s early stages, but do check it out if you would like recommendations to some scary stuff from a bonafied horror-nut.

I also do artsy stuff, as you all know.

If you want to follow my art-stuff, be it here on tumblr or if you happen to be a part of other pages, do check my stuff out here!

I also write things (yes, I am a woman of many talents *coughcough*)! So if you want to look at some of the stuff I have written, come take a peak at my Ao3 account because we don’t talk about my fanfiction account. :D

Did I mention I also do Lets Plays? Because I do that too!
Again, it is in it’s early stages and I am currently having it somewhat on hold, but if you want to watch me flail about in games while making bad jokes, show some love here! (sometimes I even make music videos!)

I am also trying my luck on selling some stuff and if you are interested in buying something, check me out here!

So yeah… Think that is all my shameless self promoting for today!

Show some support and love if you can (again, nothing forced, just promoting myself a little bit!) and if you are interested in commissioning me, send me a PM and we can talk! I am a little busy these days, but I might be able to do something as I am always in need of some extra cash.

Thank you for your attention!
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Interests: Writing, drawing, singing (take cover), creative work, movies, gaming, comicbooks